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about us

Our Mission

We provide caring services that promote the improvement and quality of life for citizens with special needs through compassion and integrity. We are dedicated to providing a meaningful and innovative environment through community engagement while addressing activities of daily living.

About Us

SandiCare working with Provider Village and Propel Enterprises is dedicated to building upon existing skills and abilities of the individual. Collaboration, Creativity and Consistent Encouragement are the benchmarks toward growth and advancement.



Our Services


Adult day service

  • Safety
  • Attendance
  • Responsibility
  • Social Skills and Social Interaction
  • Problem Solving
  • Task Completion
  • Motor Skill Development

Supported Employment

We customize work for the individual (Through intake and assessment prescreening the prospective worker is skill evaluated and interviewed for job type placement.)

We provide the opportunity for team work in the community or industry. We provide an integrated work setting alongside workers with or without disabilities. Entrepreneurship is Encouraged.

Non-Medical Transportation Provided




Supportive activities include self determination, social interaction, and community integration.

  • Recreation
  • Leisure
  • Educational, social and therapeutic activities are also provided.

Basic TRAINING curriculum of Supported Employment

  • Self advocacy
  • Communication
  • Personal Care
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Job Prep
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Independence

Home and Personal Care  (HPC)

  • Individual and Shared Living available.


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